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We are often asked to provide references for students by employers or colleges and universities. The aims of an academic reference are to confirm facts (confirm accuracy of statements made in any application) and to provide relevant opinion on the candidate's aptitude and ability.


Written References

The employer makes contact and requests information on the suitability of the candidate. This could take the form of a pro forma where the tutor is asked to fill out a series of set questions and then provided with space to expand on the student's particular skills and abilities. However, a tutor may be asked to write a letter to the employer.


Telephone References

Some employers may make contact by telephone to request a reference. We would not normally provide information on the telephone unless the circumstances are exceptional.


Letters of Recommendation

Students may ask academics to write an open reference or general letter of recommendation if perhaps they are going to be out of the country or unavailable for some reason. The student should be aware that a tutor can be approached for a specific reference even if that person has already supplied an open letter of recommendation.


What we provide in a reference

When a student approaches us for a reference, we usually ask the student to provide a copy of their CV or other general information, together with any ideas they have on their future career plans.

1. Verification of the fact that we have known the student for a certain length of time.
2. Confirmation that the student is on or has completed a specific course.
3. The qualification the student has achieved.
4. Comment on student's skills and abilities, (quality of work, communication skills, etc..)

Obviously we will try and tailor our reference to reflect as much as possible the skills and attributes an employer is looking for (see sample references below).


When you successfully complete your course you will be entitled to our CV refresh service. We will update your current CV to ensure that your new skills and achievements are presented to the highest standard.

Benefits of the Service

  • Your CV is one the most essential sales tools that will get you recognised by your next employer. We will refresh your CV so that it will differentiate you from other applicants.
  • Let your next employer know the exact benefits of having you work for them. We focus on your achievements and skills; working with you to create a CV that has the appropriate amount of detail.
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