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Higher Level Teaching Assistant Course (Level 4)

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Course Structure

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How is the course structured?


The Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant course is divided into five comprehensive units:

Unit 1: Communication and Positive Relationships
Unit 2: Curriculum, Planning and Assessment
Unit 3: Child Development
Unit 4: Personal Professional Development
Unit 5: Equality and Diversity and Inclusion

These Higher Level Teaching Assistant Award (HLTA) course study modules are based around the professional standards for HLTA status which set out for teachers, employers and parents the contribution to pupils’ learning that HLTAs can be expected to make. Although this course does not provide you with HLTA status, the course has been written alongside the 33 TDA standards and will provide you with the underpinning knowledge to progress in this field. 

The standards cover three areas:

1. Professional attributes (standards 1-7)

These set out the attitudes, values and commitment expected of HLTAs.

2. Professional knowledge and understanding
(standards 8-16)

These set out the knowledge and skills needed by HLTAs to be able to work effectively with teachers as part of the professional team supporting learning.

3. Professional skills (standards 17-33)

These set out the expectations for planning, monitoring, managing and evaluating learning within the framework of guidance and supervision agreed with the assigned teacher and in accordance with arrangements made by the head teacher of the school.

There is a mixture of question types requiring a range of responses, including: descriptive answers or the completion of practical activities. If you are currently working with children, the activities may be used in support of your particular role. However, if you are not actively working with children at present, you will find that wherever possible the questions are structured to provide you with alternative means of answering them. You may find it profitable to approach the head of one of your local schools, to explain what you are doing and to see whether there are any opportunities for you to gain experience by helping out in the school on a purely voluntary basis.


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