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Abnormal Psychology (Level 3)  
Accounting (A' Level AS + A2) 
Accounting (A' Level Fast Track) 
Accounting (Level 3 Diploma) 
Acrylic Sculpted Nails Course 
Acrylic Tip and Overlay Nails 
Addiction Counselling (Level 3) 
Administrative/Personal Assistant
Advanced Animal Behaviour (Level 3) 
Advanced Counselling (Level 4) 
Advanced Human Anatomy (Level 3) 
Advanced Psychology (Level 4) 
Advertising (Level 3 Diploma) 
Airbrush Nails 
Alexander Technique (Level 3) 
Anatomy & Physiology (Level 2) 
Anatomy & Physiology (Level 3)  
Ancient History (A' Level AS/A2) 
Ancient History (A' Level Fast Track) 
Animal Behaviour (Level 2)
Animal Care (Level 2) 
Aromatherapy (Level 3) 
Astrology / Parapsychology 
Beauty Care (Level 3)  
Beauty Make-Up Professional (Level 3) 
Beauty Therapy (Level 2) 
Bereavement Counselling (Level 3) 
Biology (GCSE & IGCSE) 
Biology (A' Level AS/A2) 
Biology (A' Level Fast Track) 
Biology (Level 3 Diploma) 
Bookkeeping (ICB Level 1 & 2) 
Bookkeeping (ICB Level 3) 
Bookkeeping (Level 3) 
Botany (Level 3) 
Business Administration (Level 3) 
Business Communication (Level 2) 
Business Consultancy (Level 3) 
Business Finance (Level 2) 
Business Management (Level 2) 
Business Management 
Business Marketing (Level 2) 
Business Planning (Level 2) 
Business Start-Up Bundle 
Business Studies (GCSE & IGCSE) 
Business Studies (A' Level AS + A2) 
Business Studies Fast Track A'Level 
Business Studies (Level 2) 
Business Studies (Level 3 Award) 
Business Studies (Level 3 Diploma) 
Business Studies (HND) 
Business Start-up (Level 3) 
Canine Science (Level 3) 
Canine Studies (Level 3) 
Care Counselling for Children (Level 2) 
Care Planning (Level 2) 
Care Skills (Level 2) 
Care Workers Foundation Certificate
Career Coaching (Level 3 Diploma) 
Caring for Children & Young People (CACHE Level 2)
Certificate in Animal Care 
Certified Accounting Technician
Certified Goal Mapping Coach Programme 
Change Management (Level 3) 
Chemistry (GCSE & IGCSE) 
Child Care (Level 3)  
Child Care Studies (HND) 
Child Care Home Practitioner (Level 3) 
Child & Adolescent Counselling 
Child Coaching (Level 3 Diploma) 
Child Daycare Management (Level 3) 
Child Development (Level 3) 
Child Psychology (Level 3) 
Child Psychology (Level 3)  
Child Care Learning & Development 
Classic Civilisation (A' Level AS + A2) 
Classroom Assistant (Level 3) 
Clinical Hypnotherapy (Level 3) 
Clinical Science (Level 3) 
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 
Cognitive Therapy (Level 3 Diploma) 
Community Mental Health & Psychiatry 
Computer Programming (Level 3) 
Computerised Bookkeeping (Level 2) 
Computerised Bookkeeping (Level 3) 
Complementary Therapies (Level 2)  
Complete Child Care (Level 3) 
Compliance Management (Level 3) 
Computer Programming 
Conflict Management (Level 2) 
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 
Construction (BTEC Level 3) 
Counselling Introduction (Level 2) 
Counselling (Level 3 Diploma) 
Counselling & Psychotherapy (Level 4) 
Counselling & Managing Debt (Level 2) 
Counselling Studies (HND) 
Creative Writing (Level 3 Diploma) 
Credit Control & Debt Management 
Criminalistics (Level 3) 
Criminal Psychology (Level 4) 
Criminal Profiling (Level 3) 
Criminology (Level 3 Diploma) 
Criminology & the Legal System 
Critical Thinking (A' Level AS + A2) 
Customer Care Effectiveness
Customer Relations (Level 2) 
Customer Service (Level 3 Diploma) 
Customer Service Excellence
Dementia Care (Level 2) 
Debt Counselling (Level 3 Diploma) 
Debt Management & Credit Control 
Developing Environmental Awareness 
Diabetes Care for the Elderly (Level 2) 
Diet & Nutrition (Level 3) 
Diet, Nutrition & Exercise for Children 
Digital Photography (Level 3) 
Distance Learning Tutoring (Level 3) 
Dog Grooming (Level 3) 
Drama (Level 3 Diploma) 
Drugs Awareness (Level 2) 
Drugs Awareness and Counselling 

Early Childhood Education 
Early Learning and Childcare (Level 3)  
Early Years Foundation (Level 3) 
Economics (GCSE & IGCSE) 
Economics (A' Level AS + A2) 
Educational Psychology (level 3) 
Effective Communication (Level 2) 
Effective Customer Care (Level 2) 
Effective Personal Development
Egyptology (Level 3) 
Electrical Installations (Introduction) 
Electrical Technologies (BTEC Level 3)
Emotional Freedom Technique E.F.T. 
Employment Law (Level 3) 
English (GCSE & IGCSE)
English (A' Level AS/A2) 
English Literature (GCSE & IGCSE)
English Literature (A' Level AS + A2) 
English Literature (Level 3 Diploma) 
Environmental Awareness (Level 2) 
Environmental Science (Level 3) 
Environmental Studies - (A' Level) 
Essential Bookkeeping (Level 2) 
Equality and Diversity QCF (Level 2) 
Equality and Diversity (Level 3) 
Equine Psychology (Level 3 Diploma) 
Equine Science (Level 3) 
European Computer Driving Licence 
Event Management (Level 3) 
Event Planner plus Business Start Up  
Event Managment & Wedding Planning
Event Planning (Level 2) 
Everyday English 
Executive Office skills (Level 2) 
Exercise, Fitness & Health (Level 3) 
Family Counselling (Level 3) 
Fashion (Level 3) 
FASD and the Criminal Justice System 
FASD and Responding to Substance Misuse (Level 3) 
Feline Studies (Level 3 Diploma) 
Fiction Writing (Level 3) 
Fiction Writing & Journalism 
Fish Biology (Diploma in Ichthyology) 
Fitness and Nutrition (Level 3) 
Fitness Instructor (Level 3) 
Floral Design and Arrangements 
Flower Remedies (Level 3) 
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 
Food Hygiene (Level 2) 
Food Safety and Hygiene (Level 2) 
Forensic Psychology (Level 3) 
Forensic Science (Level 3) 
Forensic Science (Level 4) 
French (GCSE & IGCSE)
French (A' Level AS/A2) 
Freelance Journalism (Level 3) 
Freelance Journalism & Proofreading 
Garden Design (Level 3) 
Garden Designer (Level 3) 
Geography (GCSE & IGCSE) 
Gourmet Cooking and Catering 
Government and Politics (AS/A2) 
Government and Politics (Level 3) 
Health Care Assistant 
Health Care (Level 3 Diploma) 
Health Coaching (Level 3) 
Healthy Eating and Food Hygiene  
Healthy Living (Level 2) 
Health & Safety (Level 1) 
Health & Safety in the Workplace (Level 2)
Health and Safety Law (Level 3) 
Health & Social Care (Level 3) 
Health & Social Care (Level 4) 
Health & Social Care (HND) 
BTEC Heating Ventilation & Air - Conditioning (Level 3) 
Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
History (GCSE & IGCSE) 
History (A' Level AS / A2) 
History (A' Level Fast Track) 
History (Level 3 Diploma) 
Human Anatomy (Level 2) 
Human Biology (IGCSE) 
Human Biology (Level 3) 
Human Physiology & Health (GCSE) 
Human Resource Management (Lev 4) 
Human Resources (Level 3) 
Interior Design (Level 3) 
Infection Control (Level 2) 
Infection Control (Level 3 Diploma) 
Introduction to Childminding (Level 3) 
Introduction to Child Psychology 
Introduction to Counselling (Level 2) 
Introduction to Mental Health Care 
Introduction to Social Care (Level 2) 
Journalism (Level 3) 
Journalism & Fiction Writing 
Journalism Freelance (Level 2) 
Law (GCSE) 
Law (A' Level AS + A2) 
Law (A' Level Fast Track) 
Law (Level 3 Diploma) 
Law Studies (HND) 
Life Coaching Diploma (Level 3) 
Life Coaching & Counselling (Level 3) 
Life Coaching plus Business Start Up 
Make Up Artist Diploma 
Management Studies (Level 3) 
Management Development (Level 3) 
Management Information Systems 
Management Theory & Principles 
Managing Childrens Behaviour 
Managing Environmental Resources 
Managing Food Safety Certificate 
Managing Stress (Level 2) 
Marine Biology (Level 3) 
Marketing (Level 3) 
Mathematics (GCSE & IGCSE)
Mathematics (A' Level AS + A2) 
Mathematics (A' Level Fast Track) 
Maths & Mechanics (A' Level AS/A2) 
Maths & Statistics (A' Level AS/A2) 
Media Studies Diploma (Level 3) 
Mediation (Level 3 Diploma) 
Mediation plus Business Start Up 
Medical and Clinical Administrator 
Mental Health (Level 2) 
Mental Health VRQ-QCF (Level 2) 
Mental Health & Psychiatry (Level 3)  
Moving and Handling Clients Safely

Nail Technician (Level 2) 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
NLP and Life Coaching Diploma 
Nutrition & Health QCF (Level 2)  
Nutrition and Healthy Eating Certificate
Nutritional Therapy (Level 3) 
Observing, Assessing and Planning for Children (Level 3) 
Office Executive Skills (Level 2) 
Organisational Psychology (Level 3) 
Operations Management (Level 3) 
Palliative Care Certificate (Level 2)
Passport to Holiday Reps
PC Repair and Upgrading (Level 3) 
Personal Assistant Diploma 
Personal Development (Level 2) 
Personal Training & Sports Coaching 
Personnel Skills (Level 2) 
Personnel Management (Level 3) 
Pet Grooming 
Pharmacy Assistant 
Philosophy (A' Level AS / A2) 
Philosophy (Level 3) 
Photography (Digital) - Level 3 
Physics (GCSE) 
Plumbing (Level 2) 
Portfolio Management (Level 3) 
Positive Dementia Care (Level 2) 
Postgraduate Research Techniques 
Prevention and Control of Infection 
Private Investigator 
Professional Beautician (Level 2) 
Professional Client Practice (Level 4) 
Professional Nail Technician (Level 2) 
Professional Proofreading 
Professional Receptionist (Level 2) 
Project Management (Level 3) 
Proofreading (Level 4 Diploma) 
Proofreading and Fiction Writing
Proofreading plus Business Start Up 
Property Development (Level 3) 
Psychology (GCSE) 
Psychology (A' Level Full AS + A2) 
Psychology (A' Level Fast Track) 
Psychology (Level 3 Diploma) 
Psychology Advanced (Level 4) 
Psychology and Child Psychology 
Psychology of Criminal Profiling 
Psychology and Life Coaching 
Psychometrics (Level 3) 
Pure Mathematics (A' Level AS/A2) 
Reflexology (Level 3)  
Relationship & Couples Counselling 
Religious Studies (A' Level AS / A2) 
Religious Studies (A'Level Fast Track) 
Religious Studies (Level 3) 
Responding to Substance Misuse 
Responding to Substance Misuse and Counselling (Level 3)
Risk Management (Level 3) 
Safeguarding Children (Level 3) 
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults 
Safe Handling of Medicines (Level 2) 
Safety Compliance (Level 2) 
Sales Advisor (Sales Skills) 
Sales Executive (Sales Skills) 
Setting up a Tourism Business
Science (GCSE) 
Science Additional (GCSE) 
Senior Sales Executive (Sales Skills) 
Sketching, Drawing and Painting 
Skin Lesions and Breakdown (Level 2) 
Smallholding Management (Level 3) 
Social and Political History (Level 3) 
Sociology (GCSE) 
Sociology (A' Level AS / A2) 
Sociology (Level 3) 
Sociology (Level 3 Diploma) 
Spanish (GCSE & IGCSE) 
Spanish (A' Level AS/A2) 
Sports Nutrition (Level 3) 
Sports Psychology (Level 3 Diploma) 
Start a Child Care Business 
Start Your Own Business (Level 2) 
Strategic Planning (Level 3) 
Substance Abuse & Drug Awareness 
Supervising Food Safety Certificate 
Supervisory Development (Level 2) 
Support Teaching (Level 3) 
Supporting Teaching and Learning in- Schools (BTEC Level 2) 
Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools (Level 3) 
Support Work in Schools (Level 2) 
Support Work in Schools & Teaching Assistant (Level 2) 
Surveying (BTEC Level 3)
Teaching Assistant (Level 2)
BTEC Teaching Assistant (Level 2)
Teaching Assistant (Level 2)
Teaching Assistant (Level 3) 
Teaching Business English (Level 3) 
Teaching and Entertaining Pre-School Children (Level 2) 
Team Leading (Level 2) 
Tendering for Public Sector Contracts 
Training and Development (Level 3) 
Training & Dev plus Business Start Up 
Travel & Tourism (Level 2) 
Travel & Tourism
Understanding Abuse & Trauma 
Undertsanding Eating Disorders 
Understanding MRSA (Level 3) 
Understanding Safeguarding Children 
Understanding Substance Misuse 
Valuing Diversity in the Workplace 
Veterinary Support Assistant (Level 3) 
Web Design (Level 3) 
Wedding Consultant (Level 3) 
Wedding Planning & Event Mgt (Level 4) 
Wedding Planner (Level 3) 
Wedding Planner & Business Start Up 
Working with Children (Level 1) 
Working with Personality Disorders 
Workplace Psychology (Level 3) 
Writing Books for Children (Level 3) 
Writing Books and Stories (Level 3) 
Zoology (Level 3 Diploma) 

Higher Education Diplomas

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